Joe and Noemi have been in cross-cultural ministry since 1990. After completing language training in Costa Rica, they and their children moved to the Canary Islands (seven volcanic islands belonging to Spain located off the northwest coast of Africa).  There they planted two churches--one near the city of La Laguna and the other in city of Los Cristianos.  Both churches have grown and are pastored today by nationals.  Joe also traveled among the islands preaching regularly as well as teaching in various Bible schools in Europe.  A number of the young people the Szabos pastored and mentored are now in full-time ministry.

Following their years in the Canary Islands they moved to Madrid, Spain to plant a new church. From the start the church attracted people from many nations such as students , guest workers, embassy and military staff, refugees, and long time residents from other countries. After four years of leading Madrid International Church, the Szabos turned the congregation over to a new pastor.

Following 3 terms in Spain, Joe and Noemi worked 8 years with Global University (GU). Global's materials and courses are being used to evangelize, disciple, and train people in over 150 countries. Joe led the Global Operations division which overseas over 200 offices around the world. He traveled to dozens of countries to preach, teach, and oversee the work of GU offices.

The Szabos are currently live and serve in Brussels, Belgium. They are pastoring a dynamic international church that reaches out to dozens of nationalities and has a an active refugee ministry. See our church website for more information: 

Joe graduated from North Central University (B.S. in Pastoral Studies), Trinity Theological Seminary (Masters in Theology) and Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (Doctorate in Missiology). They have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.